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Romance with the occasional crime committed on the side....

"Definitely a book to pick up!" 
Usually I found myself on the outside looking in, but not with this book. See Caitlin Kelly's review of Murder in Moscow here.

"I can not say enough about this author!!" 
The characters were amazingly written and you felt part of the story. See Melissa Pollard's review of Blackmail Bride.

"Classic Storm Chase, funny, sexy, and intelligent." 
A great book.  See Jayne Lockwood's review of Pandora.

"Interesting kink!" 
I love the mixture of kink and romance. See Julie Peate's Review of Chocolate here.

Wildcat in Moscow
Words: 77,070
Published: Sep. 28, 2012
ISBN: 9781301448548
Price $3.99

When Chelsea comes back Alaska she discovers her stepfather has embezzled her multimillion pound inheritance.

Not only is Chelsea broke but the police think she has colluded with her stepfather in a financial swindle. Worse, loan shark Carlos Santiago is after her too, determined to make her pay up for her stepfather’s debts.

Then Vladimir Voyeykov, a Russian business tycoon rumoured to be a member of the Red Mafia, enters the mix. He whisks Chelsea to Moscow where she is catapulted into a world filled with intrigue, uncertainty - and passion.

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Murder In Moscow
Words: 68,120
Published: Oct. 12, 2013
ISBN: 9781301816545
Price $3.99

Burned out ex-undercover detective Cassidy Stone leaves London for a new life in Moscow, but her past continues to haunt her. Life begins to look up when a favour for the embassy leads her into a lethal ambush, and into the orbit of Dmitri Milyukov, a fun loving millionaire who shares her passion for extreme sports. Cassidy slowly learns to love again – until she stumbles on proof that Dmitri is at the center of a carefully plotted Red Mafia corporate espionage operation aimed at her employer. Worse, there is a gruesome murder in her office, and everyone is convinced Cassidy is the killer…

Murder in Moscow: a thrilling tale of passion, romance, intrigue, betrayal and murder.        

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Chocolate: An Erotic Romance in Siberia
Words: 25,550
Published: March 01, 2013
ISBN: 9781301764693
Price $2.99

Star is a top escort with a lucrative sideline in Bondage and Discipline. However, a wrong move lands her in Siberia as the unwilling leading light in a series of extreme S&M films.

Refusing to give in to fear, Star fights back. She ruins productions by laughing at the Master, makes herself pass out at critical moments, and finally drives her captors to present her as a gift to Alexei, a prison officer who is feared throughout the state.

Star quickly discovers Alexei has a penchant kinky sex, and a seemingly unending supply of chocolates he rewards her with.  Star quickly falls in love, unaware that Alexei is hiding a secret even darker than her own past.

Chocolate is a fun fast read with a feisty heroine and a hero with a soft center.

Lost Weekend: An Erotic Romance in Wales
Words: 30,000
Published: April 03, 2013
ISBN: 9781301191017

Price $2.99

“What’s going on?” Micah asked gently. “You say you’re an escort and you’re dressed like a wet dream come true. But you are embarrassed when I look at you. And when I offer to hire you, you turn me down flat. Furthermore, you were so frightened of me earlier that you hit me over the head with a frozen leg of lamb and yet now you are here, all curled up and cosy - in my bed I might add - when you could be halfway back to London or the nearest police station.”
“I, I,” Bryony stuttered. “It’s complicated.”
“So I see,” Micah said.

When Micah accidentally kills a major drug dealer, and Bryony is the only witness, Micah decides the only solution is to keep an eye on her while he makes plans to leave the country. However, when Micah and Bryony start talking to each other, things don't work out quite as either of them expect.

Lost Weekend is a love story with a hint of murder and a heroine who decides she likes it best when she's on top.              

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Blackmail Bride: An Erotic Romance in Scotland 
Words: 63,290
Published: Jan. 28, 2013
ISBN: 9781301149438
Price $2.99

Stalked by her abusive ex-husband, Lucy Grant is desperate for a protector. Lucy aims for the one man who is tough enough for the job, ex-convict Jack Welsh. 

Found guilty of a crime he didn't commit, Jack Welsh is convinced Lucy’s ex set him up. Jack will do anything to clear his name - even if it means marrying Lucy. 

Blackmail Bride is a story of love and redemption - without any fake Scots accents!

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The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev
Words: 36,650
Published: Feb. 08, 2013
ISBN: 9781301785650
Price $2.99

When Tony rescues three of Kiev's most notorious mafiosi, he is showered with gifts, including Max, a Goth beauty with purple hair. At first determined to send her home, Tony quickly discovers they share a passion for clubbing and Scotch as well as a mutual horror of relationships. Is this a match made in heaven, or destined for disaster?

The Gift is a lighthearted romance of two cold hearts who find love.

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The Mule: An Erotic Romance in Colombia
Words: 46,340
Published: May 17, 2013
ISBN: 9781301934003
Price $2.99

Cleo can't believe it when Colombian customs find 2 kilos of coke in her luggage or that Juan, her fiancée, instantly washes his hands of her. When Connor offers to arrange for Cleo’s release into his custody, Cleo is so desperate that she agrees. Living with Connor in his remote country home, Cleo evolves a plan that will help her find Juan and explain it’s all a huge misunderstanding.

A HEA erotica romance.

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Words: 56,970
Published: May 16, 2014
ISBN: 9781311841216
Price $2.99

Treachery lies behind the closed doors of the government’s secret service, and Pandora finds herself a victim.

Stalked and then kidnapped, her safety depends on a cyber terrorist with no sense of empathy or obligation. A man who destroys lives from his laptop.

Captor or saviour? In a passionate story of intrigue, Pandora is about to discover nothing can be assumed about anyone. Even herself.

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Sold! A Romance in The Sudan
Words: 15,290
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301079117
Price $0.99

Frightened by a crocodile on Egypt's Lake Nassar, Lilly Chamberlain jumps into a fishing boat and finds herself in even bigger trouble. Traveling down the Blue Nile and put up for auction in a Sudanese market, her adventure is only just beginning.

Bored in Atbara, the armpit of Africa, Hafiq is delighted to see a white woman up for sale. If he can't ransom her to her family, he will take his reward in other ways. However, Hafiq quickly finds that his treasure is not quite what he expected.

A short, sweet, cross-cultural romance
Sold on Amazon US
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The Maid In The Cupboard
A Charlotte and Byron Erotica Romance, Book 1.

When Master Byron makes a pass at Charlotte the housemaid, and some unexpected visitors turn up, the cupboard beckons. A sweet erotica romance short story.

The Knight and the Damsel in Distress
A Charlotte and Byron Erotica Romance, Book 2

Lady Charlotte, the only daughter of Henry de Maine, Count of Summerville, is a law onto herself.Unlike the other gently bred maidens of Plantagenet England, Lady Charlotte does exactly what she wants, when she wants. She also has a reputation for rejecting suitors. However, when Lady Charlotte meets Sir Byron, the gallant knight just returned from the Crusades, she may have met her match…

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The Musher And the Stringer
A Charlotte and Byron Erotica Romance, Book 3

Charlotte loves her part time job as stringer but yearns to be a full time journalist. When her boss tells her the promotion hangs on interviewing the famous musher Byron Keenainak, Charlotte is determined to deliver the story. There’s only one problem: Byron is a notorious recluse. Undaunted, Charlotte resorts to every trick in the book to trap and interview her handsome quarry.

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