Friday, 9 March 2018

Pre-Order Quench by Nanea Knott

Quench by Nanea Knott
Available on 3/22
#lightBDSM #hotromance #freeinKU

Who says fire can’t be tamed?

Sarina Boyd has fire in her soul. The fire within her leaves her feeling empty, abandoned and ever burning. Her life is nothing but a smoke covered existence as she lives life with no meaning. A random trip to the grocery store changes everything. 

A man wearing a whip over his shoulders captures her attention. In her world of gray nothingness, he is glitter. His name is Javier Raya and one look from him brought the fire inside her down to smoldering embers. He’s funny, smart and sexy. He’s also into Kink.

Neither of them are sure it can work out for them. She might be too vanilla, his needs might be more than she can handle. Sarina has to try because she can’t give him up. Javier is the only one who can bring her peace.
Turn up the heat as Sarina and Javier fulfill their deepest desires in Quench.

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