Monday, 19 March 2018

Interview with Bree Pierce, author of Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2)

Bree Pierce grew up in a very small, rural area in Arkansas. Writing has always been a big part of her life and becoming a published author is a dream that was finally realized. Want to learn more? Check out the mini interview!

Bree published her first story The Twisted Destinies Series Book 1: Balloons in the Yard in January 2015. She's been churning out short stories and novellas ever since, and has a total of 24 titles out, the most recent of which is Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2)

Storm Chase: Tell me about Absolution. What did you love most about this story?
Bree Pierce: I liked the challenge of taking an easily hated character from book 1 and morphing him into a great leader. Building his story was heart-wrenching and difficult, but I liked the challenge it presented. I feel like Bartholomew went from being an average villain to a unique hero. And a reluctant leader, in some ways. All of it adds to his character.

Storm Chase: Who is your favourite fiction character and why?  Bree Pierce: Elizabeth Bennett hands down.  She's a strong, heroic character who ends up realizing that her presumptions about other characters in the book were quite wrong in some cases.  I feel like perhaps both main characters, Elizabeth and Darcy, had a bit of pride and prejudice within them, but their views were changed as their relationship progressed.  It's a wonderful love story with the idea that people are not always as they appear, and first appearances can be quite deceiving.

Storm Chase: What do you hope to achieve in terms of your writing career? Bree Pierce: I think I want what most writers want: a captive audience and a place on the best seller list.

Storm Chase: Author to Author: Give us a tip about finding, managing and connecting with reviewers!
Bree Pierce: This is a topic I am still attempting to learn more about and spread my own wings in.  It can be rather difficult to find reviewers.  As a reader, I understand not always wanting to review a book.  I read and review books for my blog when I can, as well as write my own.  

Since I have seen from both stand points, I can tell you that I tend to read something I think I would be interested in, that I would have time to review ( long books are much more difficult for me), and it helps if I have already established a repertoire with the author or PA.  Being courteous goes a long way in the businesss of getting reviewers as well.  Coming off as brash does little to help.  Be patient, be kind, and hope for the best, but expect that you will not receive as many reviews as what were sent out. 
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