Thursday, 15 March 2018

Finding Your Own happily Ever After by Ellen Whyte

FALLING IN LOVE IS TERRIFIC, isn't it? Like bungee jumping with a bottle of laughing gas thrown in. But falling for someone doesn't always translate into the deep kind of love that lasts forever.

I look at love from different perspectives: from my own life, as a counselling psychologist (my day job), and as a novelist (my other day job). In other words, I think about love a lot!

Speaking for myself, I've been best friends with Tom, my husband, for over 25 years, and our 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up next month. I'm touching wood to ward off ill luck as I say this, but I think daily happiness is boosted by continuing your dating habits into married life. (If you want to check out that train of thought, check out my psychology page post)

But there's more to keeping the fires burning than that, isn't there? We can fall in love in an instant and then later discover there just isn't the foundation for a lasting loving relationship.

My perspective is that the basis comes from sharing the same worldview.

Like Sophie and Richard in His Laughing Girl come from wildly different backgrounds but if you look closer, they are very much alike. Sophie and Richard both work hard and have lots of pride in their jobs because they feel their careers are a big part of their identity. They acknowledge this and they support each other.

For Richard and Sophie, work ethic is attractive but it wouldn’t sit so well with someone who is disinterested in career success. In fact, that's what caused so much trouble when ever busy Quique in Dirty Dealings married Tina whose idea of a good time is doing nothing.

I think that when you both have the same attitudes to how life works, you tend to tackle things the same way. And that is what I think is the basis for the successful Happily Ever After.

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Hugs, Ellen
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