Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tips For Running Your Own Blog Tour

So I set up my own tour blog and FB tour for His Laughing Girl and here are some of the things I learned.

I chose to have a plain “read my brilliant book” post with a rafflecopter that offers a gift and gift card to attract people. 

I asked for reviews and recommendations as entries. This is to discourage people who just enter anything with random noise in the hope of snagging free money, and to reward fans.

I got 45 people signed up, and 43 of them have posted. Some posted multiple times!

The results have been excellent. I only had a handful of signups for the newsletter but I’ve had tonnes of posts and recommendations, my sales have spiked, and my KU reads have gone through the roof.

Overall, I’m delighted and I’ll be doing this again.

So here are some of the snags...

Problem #1 Gmail is vicious about deciding what is spam, so even if you’re writing to people you know, sending the same email to a group of friends will result in it going to the spam filter.

Most annoyingly, writing to individuals using the same email text is also likely to end up in the spam filter.

Solution: If you don’t hear back, assume it’s been trashed by the system and write again.

Problem #2 People forget. Also, email goes missing, especially when some systems automatically trash email with attachments.

Solution: don’t do everything in one day. Run the tour over a few days so people have time to catch up and post.

Problem #3 Blogger and Wordpress don’t work the same. So what looks good in one, won’t work so well in the other. And of course, everyone has their own settings, so you need to work with that too.

Solution: You need a post for each to make sure the worst formatting errors are taken care of. Then test on various platforms.

Problem #4 It takes time. Writing to people is easy, and setting up is easy, but visiting everyone to say thanks takes a long time, especially if you’re chasing posts on Facebook pages. This is because Facebook hides posts deliberately.

Solution: Still thinking! 

Hope this helps.  By the way, you still have some days to enter!
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