Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Making Covers for AJ Adams Zeta Cartel Romances - an indie perspective

I'm writing a new book, Hunter and I'm making a cover for it because I'm finding that buying them is more miss than hit.

As Hunter is part of the Zeta Cartel series, I want it to fit in with the other covers.

The cover for The Bonus was made originally by a pro but I modified it with the quote and the series title.. The fonts are Tangerine, Garamond and Times Roman.

The covers for Songbird and Dirty Dealings are entirely my own.  As you can see, I have tried to connect the covers by using the series title (duh!) and also by keeping the fonts and  layouts roughly the same.

So for Hunter, I want to keep the series image going. The thing is, I can't really find a photo I really like. I want something dark, menacing but sexy - like Rip, my hero.

The thing about selling my kind of book is that ripped abs do it. So I found two images, one black and white and one in colour.

The plain black and white with white text is okay but not compelling.

Also, Tangerine and Dancing fonts, used to hint at  romance, don't work with the word Hunter.

Then  I messed about and came up with these...

I need the bold HUNTER to stand out, so I have to break away from my title font. I want a colour image as the black and white is too cold.

The advantage of the red is that it hints at blood and danger but it doesn't fit in with the white text used for the rest of the series.  Also, red tends to bleed easily when posted on small screens.

I think I'd best stick with my author name at the bottom and in the same font, too.

At the moment, this is the best effort so far. However, I think the quote is too high, and I'm not totally happy with the title:

I'll mess around with it some more, but in the meantime, if you have any bright ideas, please do let me know. Comment or find me on FB!

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