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The Zeta Cartel Series by AJ Adams

The Zeta Cartel Series
By AJ Adams

Enter into the violent world of the Zeta cartel, where death and romance go hand in hand. AJ Adams novels are all self-standing and although characters wander in and out of various stories, you need not read them all - although it would be awesome if you did!

Zeta Cartel Novel #1 The Bonus
By A J Adams
Price US$3.99

     You know, ever since He set me free I’ve slept in jammies, unable to stand the sight of those little burn marks that dot my thighs, my breasts and my stomach. Now I lay in the hulk’s arms and examined them with new eyes. This was my body. Mine. Those weren’t reminders of what I was, or even what I had been; they were symbols of survival.
     As the implications of this flooded over me, it was as if the world shimmered and reformed around me. I felt like I’d been forged in fire and born again. Like a phoenix. Or maybe I was an entirely new thing altogether.
I stretched luxuriously, feeling good all over. Then I saw the hulk looking at me, his slate coloured eyes inches from mine. I couldn’t see what he was thinking. He was staring straight at me, as if he was looking to see inside me.
      For a moment my feeling of freedom faltered, my new-found confidence threatened to vanish like ice in the sun, but then he smiled. It was a big happy beaming cheeky grin that lit up his eyes and made the little wrinkles around them dance. It was like seeing a statue come to life. Cold stone was replaced with warm humanity. Warm, sweet, friendly humanity. Like toast with butter and honey.

Chloe is a seasoned drug courier who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Facing a lingering and painful death at the hands of the Zetas, Mexico’s most brutal cartel, she persuades their enforcer to claim her. Has Chloe made a huge mistake, or will her choice prove her salvation - and his?    

Zeta Cartel Novel #2 Songbird
By A J Adams
Price US$3.99

“You’re the big boss.” She looked up at me and smiled. She was dressed in a cheap cotton shirt and jeans that should be on the burn pile, but that smile was pure gold. This girl had guts.
“I told José he was a fool to try and cheat you,” she said. “I wasn’t part of it, and I don’t work for you. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
She’d heard about our policy protecting bystanders. Of course it doesn’t apply to anyone whose eyewitness testimony can put me in a courtroom. Well, try to put me in a courtroom. In Mexico nobody would dare accuse me, and I’ve enough resources in England to guarantee a police investigation would come to nothing, but it’s not my style to take chances. Solitaire would be going into the ground along with Escamilla.
“Mr Vazquez,” Solitaire gave me her best smile. “I don’t expect something for nothing.” She dropped her voice. “You’d like me,” she whispered. “I’ve heard about you. We’re the same.”
“Are we?”
“Yes, I can make you very happy.” She brushed my hand over her cheek and then kissed my palm. “I’m a very good girl,” she said quietly. “Unless you prefer a naughty one?”
She sucked my thumb, and I was instantly rock hard. 

When cartel boss Arturo Vazquez discovers his girlfriend Gina is a DEA rat and his deputy Escamilla is staging a take-over, Arturo fixes his problems by killing everyone - except for Solitaire, Escamilla’s unwilling mistress. Solitaire is intelligent, tough, and shares Arturo’s interest in BDSM. Arturo falls head over heels but someone is leaking information - and the evidence point at Solitaire.

Zeta Cartel Novel #3 Dirty Dealings
By AJ Adams

I could’ve fucking strangled her. She knew it too because she stepped away quickly. “Touch me and I’ll have you!” she snarled.
Bruja mala leche! What the fuck do you think you’re playing at! You can’t push me around!”
“Sure I can.” Her eyes were slate grey, the same colour as the sky, and just as cold. “I need help, and you’re going to give it.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“I’ve got a situation. I need someone who isn’t afraid of murder and mayhem.”
I should have charmed her, offered to help and maybe it would have settled it, but I was too mad to even consider it. “Help you? Over my dead fucking body!”
She shrugged. “We can do it that way, too.” She took out her phone. “I’ll call you soon, hopefully within the hour. If you still refuse, I call Smith.” The eyes were hard. “I’d rather not shop you, because I hate that bastard, but I will if you make me.”
I gave her my number. I mean, I wanted to kill her, but in London they notice things like bodies in the street. Especially if you’re careless enough to do it in broad daylight next to a cop shop.

Quique is having a bad time.  Back in Mexico his marriage has fallen apart and his wife has made him a laughing stock by cheating on him. Now he’s in London and finding himself out of his depth with a complex commercial deal. To make things worse, Natalia Truelove, a chef and pub manager, is blackmailing him. Quique is ready to commit murder and he’s pretty sure who his first victim will be.

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