Wednesday, 7 June 2017

New Release! 1:0 One Love by Victoria Jessica Lovett

1:0 One Love 
By Victoria Jessica Lovett
Contemporary Romance
72 pages, published 5th June 2017

They say tennis is the only game where love means nothing. Is this truly the case?

The story of Jenifer and James, an elite mixed tennis tandem, will take you on an emotional roller coaster. After winning the London Championship they decide to retire, which opens huge gaps in their lives and a lot of questions arise before them. The answers they seek may in fact be closer than they think. 

She knows him as if he was a part of her and he is. James gets her more than most, but does he really? Destiny has intertwined major parts of their lives in a strong knot, but can there be more to what they already are?

Some difficult decisions will need to be taken. Decisions that will shape their future.

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