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SNEAK PEEK! Super Steamy! Rock Stars Are a Trope [Hooch in Hades 4] by Kelly D. Smith

Rock Stars Are a Trope [Hooch in Hades 4]
By Kelly D. Smith
119 pages, $3.50
Word Count: 35,589
Siren Publishing Allure

Erotic Contemporary Romance, light bondage, sex toys, HFN

Gabby Denis, a struggling fashion designer, is not stupid. There is something off about Nate Cooper. She just doesn't know what it is.

Not many men are willing to take a girl out shopping and pay for her new clothes. She's also never been out with a man who seems to have women recognize him. Or one with friends that need a formal dress made.

Of course, she doesn't turn down the chance to make it!

Gabby likes Nate for who he is, not because he lends her a car and pays for some of her things. For the first time in ages, she meets someone who supports her, and she genuinely enjoys his company. But he never tells her what he does for a living...until she sees him on the front page of the news.

Although, for Gabby, rock stars are a trope from movies and romance novels, she's going to have to decide if she's willing to give a real life one a shot at loving.


 “I’ve also got a chain, if you’d rather.”

“The rope sounds fun tonight.”

“Good. I’d like to show you what I can do with it.”

His eyes sparkled as he crossed over to her. He tangled his fingers in her hair and touched his lips to hers. “Just tell me if you want it undone or if it’s too tight.”

“Yes.” She nodded. She let out a soft giggle as she realized her sentence wasn’t finished. “Yes, Sir.” She saw the lust in his eyes as she corrected herself. “It’s been a while for me. I might need a little refresher training.”

“Oh I’ll make sure you behave.”

With a twinkle in his eyes, he reached for her ankle and ran his fingers over her smooth skin. Gabby moaned softly. She watched Nate tie the rope around her thigh. A soft sigh passed through her lips. The rope felt cool and soft against her skin. Truth be told, she loved the feeling.

She closed her eyes as she gave up control and allowed Nate to do whatever he wanted with the rope—and her. She felt the rope coil around her leg, not in any attempt to control how she lay, not yet. Gabby opened her eyes and saw the beautifully wrapped rope around her leg. It wasn’t just tied to bind her.

“That’s pretty,” she whispered.

“Not as pretty as you.”

She knew it was a lame line, but it still made her blush a little, and she wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

Nate leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. As he pulled away he grabbed a second coil of rope and began wrapping it around her other leg. Nate wove the rope. He did it quickly, without pausing to make sure the way he tied or turned the rope was right. He just did it, knowing it would be the right way. It didn’t take long for her legs to be bound.

“On your hands and knees.”

Gabby shifted her weight and rolled onto her hands and knees. He gently reached for her hand and moved it back to her thigh. Gabby watched as he grabbed what was left of the rope. She hadn’t even realized he’d left some length of it. He tied her wrist in a quick knot. Desire pooled in the pit of her stomach as she watched him do the same with her other hand.

Finally, he reached for the button on his jeans. Gabby’s heart rate increased as he slowly undid them and slid off the bed. He paced over to the drawer where he had gotten the rope. He opened it, and she heard the sound of a condom wrapper. Coming back toward her, he let his jeans fall down to his ankles and stepped out of them. No boxers. No nothing.

His hard cock sprang forward. Gabby flushed, thinking about him inside her. She sucked in a deep breath as he crawled onto the bed and settled down behind her. His head tilted to the left as his fingers traced over her ass gently.

“Do you like being spanked?”

“Yes, but not so hard that it makes me want to cry. More playful than anything else.”

Nate nodded, letting her know he had heard her before raising his hand and bringing it down on her—soft and playful, just the way she liked it. Gabby let out a soft moan, her eyes rolling back as she arched her hips toward him.

He stopped just long enough to take the condom out of the wrapper and slip it over his hard cock. Another spank. And another, faster, softer. It was fun. Gabby giggled as she shimmied toward him.

His cock pressed against her folds. He thrust into her with one quick movement. Gabby gasped, a moan passing through her lips. Nate paused, caressing Gabby’s back softly. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. His cock slid in and out of her, soft and slow at first.

“You okay?”

“Oh God yes,” Gabby breathed. She turned and saw Nate grinning as he quickened his pace. Gabby moaned louder.

Smack. His hands came down against her ass softly but still hard enough to feel a little pain from it. Gabby moaned, closing her eyes. His hands against her skin made the rope rub against her roughly. But not painful.


“Again, please,” Nate corrected.

“Again, please, Sir,” Gabby said, adding the “Sir” to tip the odds in her favor.

His cock thrust in and out of her faster and faster. His hand came down against her ass again—smack, smack—still soft enough not to hurt her, just to get her heart racing. Nate thrust into her faster and faster. He grabbed her hip and tugged her closer to him. Gabby’s eyes rolled back in her head.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” she admitted. 

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