Monday, 24 April 2017

Interview with Nanea Knott, author of Nikola: Viking Slaves Book 1

Nanea Knott loves female characters who can make decisions and know what they want, and male characters who feel their emotions and communicate them as honestly as they can. Wishy-washy women and meandering men get on her nerves!

She is the author of Nikola: Viking Slaves Book 1. We asked her what she loves about vikings, and her hero, Dagmar.

It was exciting to write about Vikings. I’ve never done anything historical before. The legends speak of strength, bravery, and savagery. There’s something primal about them. The warriors are inherently alpha. What’s not to love about that?

The hero in my story is Dagmar. He’s a slave trader, but he uses his position to let people go. He’s fiercely protective of the slave he’s been given. He’s her new master. He can do whatever he wants, but he doesn’t take advantage of her. I love Dagmar because despite the temptation of a beautiful slave, he treats her with respect and keeps his hands to himself. He waits until she wants him. Once she does, he makes it worth the wait.

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