Thursday, 23 March 2017

Promo! Today only! Teacher (Innocence Lost Book 1) By CC Young #99Cents

Teacher by CC Young
Teacher (Innocence Lost Book 1)

By CC Young
Promo Price $0.99
For Thursday 23rd March Only 
Grab it while it's hot!

The private lessons were her idea, so he can't be held responsible: if you enter the lion's den you might just get nipped. Or scratched. Or devoured whole.

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There is yearning, unrequited love, dark emotions, guilt, inner conflict, seduction and mind games.
There is innocence sacrificed at the alter of lust.
There is the awakenings of deep, complicated, grown-up emotions…
There are internal power struggles -
For him as he resists his darkest urges
For her as she comes to terms with unaccustomed feelings of desire that threaten to overpower her.

What The Reviewers Are Saying...

"Wow - the scenes were hot - I loved the slow build of tension - it becomes almost unbearable… Yes! I want to see more of these two!"  Kelly Armstrong, erotic fiction connoisseur

"More, more, more! I don't think I've ever been more turned on by a book. Why did it stop? I could read 10 more books about these two (plus my husband and I had the best sex ever after I read it!)" - Mrs. Taylor, voracious romance reader  

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