Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mack Dunstan’s Inferno by Paul Collins

Mack Dunstan’s Inferno
by Paul Collins
129 Pages
Satire fantasy

Paul published his first book in 2007 and currently has three titles out.

AJ & Storm: What do you hope to achieve in terms of your writing career?
Paul: Every author wants to make a living from writing. In Canada, if one has the connections they can have that agent, contract to a big publishing house, including PR but still not make a living at it. Mainstream publishing houses offer a one year contract. Everyone knows about it but few say it. The major names in Canada won't survive on book sales but on government grants. The big publishers constantly rip off the big names, sell the movie rights, the author never gets paid, and all of them rely on government grants. In the US, if it sells, it sells. It is what it is.

 AJ & Storm: What's the most challenging thing about writing? How do you cope?
Paul: If one writes long enough, one will meet others who share the same goal. When I got involved in some writer groups, I got an eyeful. The old publishing houses are a lot like the days of the monarchy in the old country. Imagine going to a writer group. If one is lucky, one will find one bestseller present, sitting alone, looking brilliant. Rich people will come. Like bankers, lawyers, accountants. They have
big names in their own fields and they want their name on a shelf in a bookshop...Some can't write and hire a debt ridden university graduate to pen their memoir, or self-help book. Crazy but true. That's why I keep away from such groups. Only in the last few years, have I noticed writer groups popping up in major libraries. In the past, book clubs were popular but now it is writer groups. Yes, things have changed, indeed. Thus, a life of a scribbler is a lonely one and mostly goes unpaid.  Crazy but true.

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