Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Interview with Jenn Roseton, author of His Tempting Bride (BBW Western Romance - Millionaire Cowboys 1)

His Tempting Bride
(BBW Western Romance - Millionaire Cowboys 1)
by Jenn Roseton

Jenn Roseton writes Heartwarming Contemporary Western Romance, publishing 30 titles since 2012, including the current title His Tempting Bride.

AJ & Storm:  What do you like most about this book?
Jenn: It was fun writing a spin-off series to my Billionaire Brothers series. The Coltsons are considered the black sheep compared to the Billionaire Trask brothers. I enjoy writing about family dynamics, and the Coltsons have plenty! Charlie, the puppy, stole my heart, and I hope he stole my readers' hearts too. He helped bring Gage and Heather together.

AJ & Storm:   What made you choose your genre?
Jenn: I've always loved reading romance and started writing it years ago, but my books were never published. When I bought my first Kindle in 2012 I started reading Indie romances, and that's how I found out about BBW romance. Since I'm a BBW myself, I loved reading about curvy girls, and was inspired to write my own BBW romances. I hope readers enjoy them!

AJ & Storm:   Who is your favourite author and why?
Jenn: Jayne Ann Krentz is my favorite author. I discovered her when I was 19, looking for books in the public library. I have nearly all her early romances published by Harlequin and Silhouette (some of her very early ones have been impossible to find!). I also enjoy reading her recent books, including her historical romances. I love her heroines and heroes.

AJ & Storm:   Tell us about a mistake you made in writing or publishing and what it taught you. Jenn: The worst mistake I've made is trying to make the cover myself! I have made two of my covers myself, for my earlier books. One came out not too badly, (BBW Needs Hot Sex) but the other one is pretty terrible, LOL. That book has never sold well and I'm not sure if it's the cover, or what. But for a while, that book (Hot and Sexy 2: Bridal Jitters) was my favorite because it was my longest at that time (around 8,000 words) and I thought it had a bit more plot in it than my previous "books".

I now have Photoshop but I'm not very good with it - I just don't have time to practise, and the small icons tire out my eyes quickly. In 2012 I wrote in size 12 font; for the last several months I've been writing in size 18 font!

So now I either hire a cover designer whose portfolio I love, or have my friend make my covers - she's amazing! And I make sure to give the designer plenty of time to make my cover - at least two weeks before my launch date, and if I'm hiring a designer, I check what their turnaround time is, so my cover will be ready before my release date.

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