Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Author Interview: Brenda Whiteside

The Power of Love and Murder
(The Love and Murder Series Book 4)
By Brenda Whiteside
232 pages
Romantic Suspense, contemporary, suspense

Brenda published her first book in 2010 and currently has 9 titles up for sale.

AJ & Storm: What did you love most about this story? 
Brenda: I brought back a minor character from book one of the series. She was a pixie of a young woman nick named The Black Fairy because she dressed Goth. It's five years later, and she's matured. We find out she's hiding from the murderer of her family. I had a lot of fun with her double life. The hero is an ex-rock star fresh out of rehab. Being an old rocker and roller, I had a good time with his character too.

AJ & Storm: What made you choose your genre?
Brenda: I started out in romance, yet even then couldn't write it straight. I had to have some suspense. When I decided to pump up the action, murder was my choice. I don't write graphic murder. Please don't think that. I don't write about the actual act of murder. But someone is always in trouble and some do fall along the way.

AJ & Storm: What's the most challenging thing about writing?
Brenda: Carving out the time to write. And it's important to write every day. How do you cope? I don't beat myself up if I don't open my manuscript one day. In fact, during the holidays I'll go several days at a time. What I do is take any little time I can when the personal life gets hectic. If I can squeeze in even fifteen minutes to write, then I do.

Tell us about a mistake you made in writing or publishing and what it taught you.
Brenda: Readers can be a temperamental bunch! When I set out to write my Love and Murder Series, I didn't consider setting as a necessary part of a genre. My readers do.

The character in the first book was adopted as a baby after her parents were killed in a plane crash. Her quest to learn more about her birth parents leads to discovering she is about to inherit an Austrian castle. In book three, I sent her to Austria with her daughter. I didn't know that would disrupt my series for readers.

After the fact, I was told by a much more experienced author than myself, that I had written more of an International thriller than a romantic suspense. Since the other books take place in Northern Arizona, I should not have gone off to Austria. And truth be told, the Austrian book does not sell as well as the other Love and Murder books.

Stay consistent with a series. If the idea behind the series is to have each book set in a totally different setting, then that is consistent. But don't vary the setting or story line or whatever makes the book a series in any one book.

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