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Review: Spy Game: Romantic Suspense by Suz deMello

Spy Game: Romantic Suspense
by Suz deMello 
Published: March 24, 2011
Words: 72,910

This is not so much a romantic suspense novel as a sexy romance with the spy stuff added in to provide a bit of context and glamour. The main thrust of the story is the relationship between Ani, the extremely sexy and fashionable heroine, and her ‘target’ the rich and sexy Richard Rexford, CEO technocrat. It contains spanking, bondage, domination and sex but for all that, it’s very mainstream romance, not erotica. Overall this is attractive light reading, excellent for a rainy afternoon or a day by the pool.  

I was sent an ARC to my kindle by the author and reviewed voluntarily.

Above is my Amazon review. I'll add here that I was a bit disappointed by the lack of depth. The plot was really rather incidental, and it was clear who the bad guy was right from the start. I think it's more a Mills and Boon type of story than a spy novel. For what it is, it's fine but it could have been so much more. 

It also made me think about my writing. The blurb says that Suz deMello is an award-winning, best-selling author and although I'm not certain what award or on whose best seller list, she's written a few novels so I was interested in her style.

In short, Suz loves adverbs!  They're everywhere. And you know what?  It was a lot of fun. I like the way people frowned worriedly and spoke urgently and turned fluidly and so on. It made the lightness of the tale a lot more sparkly. The fashion details were excellent too. I suck at that because I have no interest in clothes but I can see I have to work on this.

I was also interested in the sex. I was totally taken aback at the spanking. It seemed totally out of character and out of context for the people involved. Having said that, I did admire the way Suz described the scene without moving into erotica and while avoiding the often sexless terminology found in mainstream romance. It was beautifully done and I'm going to read those bits again and learn from them.

All in all, it was very profitable reading. 

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