Friday, 6 January 2017

Review: Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance by Vivienne Savage

Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance
by Vivienne Savage
Kindle Edition, 268 pages

I was dead curious to see this book because I like the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast and I was wondering how on earth Vivienne could make something new out of such a well known classic.

She did and it was a fun read! 

Unlike the Disney and classic version, the heroine is a rather indulged magical princess with a sorceress mum whose become insane and a very determined and unscrupulous king who will sacrifice anything, including his daughter, to get his wife back to health. The Beast is a dragon, and a Shifter, which is also different from the norm.

Working from this basis, the story has lots of space for characterisation and plot lines that aren't part of the classic but that fit seamlessly.  It's beautifully done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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SPOILER ALERT! Don't read past this if you want to read the book!

It was an excellent read but there were two things that held this back from a five star.

First, the sex scene seemed to be tacked on, and I think it was in the wrong place. I'd have moved it back to where Ana thinks the Beast is dead and where her tears bring on his transformation. Then, fresh from their first bonk, they could have worked together better and there would have been more room for development of their relationship.

Second, the Beast was too nice. If he'd been meaner to Ana at the start, there would have been more tension. As it was, he was a darling from the first.  That meant nothing to overcome except for body shapes and I think that was a missed opportunity.

I must say, I'm going to get myself several beta readers for my next book because I know I've missed similar opportunities. When you're too close to your work, you just can't see it. So I got to read a classic, learn and have fun.  Totally awesome and count me in as a new Vivienne Savage fan!

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