Saturday, 31 December 2016

When publishers cheat...

Love reading but don’t like what’s been going on with small publishers cheating authors? You can help support your favourite authors and it's easy!

Romance ebooks are hot sellers, so there are lots of small publishing houses. However, we’ve seen an awful lot of very nasty dealings.

Good companies take a share of the profits (usually 30 - 50% for ebooks) and in return, they help by editing a book, providing publicity and sometimes making cover art. They sell the book, do the accounts and hand the royalty to the author.

But this is what happens when things aren't right:
  • Publishing houses can declare they’re closing at any time, and may not even give notice.
  • Troubled publishing houses often just stop paying royalties, and as only they know what they’ve sold, authors may not even know what they’re owed.
  • Publishing houses often demand books rights. When they go bust, they can sell these to a third party - which means authors aren't paid AND they lose the rights to their own books!
If you want to see examples, check out: Torquere Press, Ellora's Cave, All Romance eBooks, and Silver Publishing.

So what can you do? Me, I prefer to pay for editing, publicity and cover art myself. I keep all my book rights and sell through online shops. It means I pay a lot to produce my work and I'm essentially a one-woman band. It makes it harder but it's less risky.

I sell via Smashwords, Amazon US, Amazon UK, B&N, iTunes and other companies.

Of all the shops I work with, I love Smashwords most.  Mark Coker, the owner, is a decent bloke who likes books and authors. He’s honest, straightforward and easy to work with.

Unlike many other companies, Smashwords will work with authors from all over the world. And he pays authors by Paypal, which operates all over the world too. Smashwords empowers authors and gives everyone a chance.

As a readers, you can buy Smashwords books for your Kindle, for your iPad, for your Android - anything you want, you can have.

To help support your favourite author ask them who they love to work with. Follow their blog or Facebook page so that if they suddenly have publishing problems, you'll hear about it quickly.

Also, write a review!  Just a few words are enough! "I loved it!"

Happy New Year!

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