Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Review: His Cemetery Doll by Brantwijn Serrah

His Cemetery Doll 
By Brantwijn Serrah 
Horror, erotica
200 pages

A terrific read that would make a good sensuous horror film

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The hero Conall is a nice, ordinary, decent man, possibly one of the best moral men I’ve come across in ages. The child, Shyla, is a great character too, sensitive and not mawkish.

The story itself built nicely, and there was a good balance between horror and hope. Without going into spoilers, this is a story you will probably want to read in one go.

One thing that thrilled me was that it’s set in the UK after WWII and it mentions the bombings of Clydebank where the shipbuilders were working. My father’s family are from there, and my father used to tell me about those bombings so it was odd and yet familiar to see it mentioned here.

The one thing I felt was a bit awkward was the revealing of the reason behind the haunting. There was too much information dumped in one go, and some of it didn’t quite hook up for me.   But overall it was a great read and I’d certainly put Brantwijn Serrah on my Favourite list. 

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