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Out Soon: One Bad Day by Edie Hart

One Bad Day (One Day Book 1)
By Edie Hart
Print Length: 51 pages

Release day: December 6th 2016

When Tessa agreed to do a favor for her boss, she never thought she’d end up being a mistaken target for a hired killer or falling for the sexy cop who is determined to keep her safe.

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Talking to Edie!

AJ And Storm: What tags best describe your genre?
Edie: Contemporary Romance. This particular book is a romantic comedy.

AJ And Storm:     What did you love most about this story?
Edie: It's a fun story. I love the characters. The silliness of it made it fun to write.

AJ And Storm:     Do you ever get writer's block?  How do you cope?
Edie: All the time.  I get stuck on scenes or trying to get from point A to point B.  Sometimes I take a break and it comes to me.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a solution.  Most of the time I come up with solutions in the shower or doing something else that's routine.  It seems like it helps if I mull it over for awhile.

AJ And Storm:     What's the most challenging thing about writing?
Edie: For me, the most challenging thing is getting my characters to do what I want them to do. Many times I have an idea of what direction I want the book to go, but once I start writing, it goes in a different direction.

AJ And Storm:     Tell us about your editor and proofreader. What's your top tip for finding someone good?
Edie: Finding a good editor and proofreader can really make the difference with a book. Good editing a proofreading is extremely important. As far as self-publishing, asking around is always a good way to find someone good. I recommend finding authors (if you aren't already friends) that have books that are similar in genre and style to yours and are edited well. Ask the author who they use. As far as online publishers, you can look at other books that the company has launched to see if the editing/proofreading is good. I was very lucky with Tulip Romance. Their editors and proofreaders are excellent. They've helped make my book (and my writing) stronger.

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