Sunday, 21 August 2016

AJ Adams interivew: Drue Hoffman with DRC Promotions

Curious about book promotion but didn't know who to ask?  Check out this interview with Drue Hoffman from DRC Promotions!

AJ Adams: How long have you been running book promos? And what got you into the business?

Hello everyone I’m Drue Hoffman with DRC Promotions.  I’ve been marketing books for authors for over 4 years now.  Prior to that I was a reviewer/blogger.  DRC Promotions provides a variety of author services, including Facebook Advertising, Graphic Design, Book Formatting, Web Design, Blog Tours, Publication Assistance and more.  A dear friend and author persuaded me to give marketing a shot, she was having trouble finding reliable, organized promotions for her books so I gave it a try and the rest, as they say is history.

AJ Adams: What is a blog tour, and what does it do for an author?

A blog tour is the virtual equivalent of a book tour, instead of going physically from bookstore to bookstore though the stops are virtual and go from blog to blog.  I think blog tours provide a lot of exposure for authors and put the book being promoted in front of many eyes.  I do not however believe they have a lot of impact on sales – at least not immediately they are merely one step towards that.

AJ Adams: What is a review tour, and what does it do for an author?

A review tour is much the same as a blog tour with the exception that it includes the option for blogs to receive a free copy of the book being promoted in exchange for an honest review.  Review tours are great for getting your review numbers up on retailers.  Let’s face it the opinion of others matters when it comes to products we purchase and a book is no different, people will be less likely to purchase a book with minimal reviews as opposed to a book with a good number of reviews.

AJ Adams: There are lots of tour operators, how do I pick one that works for me?

I think this is a personal choice.  I think the way the tour operator and author work together on any project ultimately determines the success of the project.  I tend to be more hands on and personal with the authors I work with.  Many I know by their real names, I have actually talked with on the phone or met in person.  We have non book related discussions I know about their family, pets, vacations, etc.  I think this is important to be vested in what you are promoting, after all if you as the promoter do not believe in the works you are promoting how are you to convince strangers to believe in it?

AJ Adams: What kinds of books and authors do you most like to work with?

I work with Indie, Hybrid and traditionally published authors primarily in the Romance Genre but I am not limited to that genre.  I also have a few clients in Suspense, Mystery & Fantasy. I will give nearly any genre consideration when looking at promoting a book, but there are a few I just do not have an audience for, like Teen or YA.

AJ Adams: How is Amazon's new policy of stopping book tours impacting Indie authors and your business?

Right now for me it hasn’t impacted anything much.  My authors have had some reviews disappear but not a significant amount which I am thankful for.  I think we all have to just hang in there during this transition to whatever the heck it is Amazon is trying to accomplish and then move on.  And we must all be vigilant and stay within Amazon’s TOS policies when posting reviews.

AJ Adams: What are your stalker links?

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