Saturday, 16 July 2016

Interview with Katalina Morris

Today we talk to Katalina Morris, who writes erotica, paranormal romance, and short stories, including her latest, Entering Tempest.

AJ & Storm: "What did you love most about this story?"

Katalina:  The main protagonist is a strong, sarcastic and independent female lead character. A woman on a mission that takes what she wants, my favorite type of character to write about.

AJ & Storm: "What is it you love most about writing?" 

Katalina:  What I love most about writing is the ability to create a new world, any new world that you can completely lose yourself in. If romance less than nil in your personal life, and you have always fantasized about a sexy billionaire werewolf sweeping you off your feet for example, you can create that and live vicariously through the eyes of your characters.

AJ & Storm: "What is it you dislike most about writing?" 

Katalina: Public skepticism. Other than the (incredibly encouraging) peer writers, I have been exposed to so much negativity regarding this career choice. My husband and his family, who has never read a single sentence of mine, were the first to condemn any aspirations stating my 'silly hobby' will never amount to anything. The only dislike of writing, happens to also be my strongest motivation to prove the pessimists wrong! For any fellow writers facing similar negativity, reach out to me and we can cheer for each other!   

AJ & Storm: "Tell us about your editor and proofreader. What’s your top tip for finding someone good?

Katalina: Unfortunately I am a beginning writer taking my first steps into the field. I have found a program called 'Grammarly' at approximately $40 / month membership fee and it assists me in self-editing. Once combed through with Microsoft Word spell check and Grammarly editing software, I beg friends or family to proofread and give feedback. For a new aspiring writer, this is a good option on a tight budget.

Currently, I am in the market to hire and build a relationship with beta readers, professional editors and reviewers that can help me improve and grow my brand.

Catch more of Katalina's novels on her Amazon author page.

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