Sunday, 12 June 2016

AJ Adams & Storm Chase author interview with Andrea Smith!

Andrea Smith writes Suspense, YA and Dark Coming of Age novels like Black balled and the G-man series. We talked to her about her latest novel, Southern Comfort, and her writing.

AJ & Storm: What did you love most about this story?
Andrea: I liked that I stepped out of my "romance" comfort zone with this one. Southern Comfort is not a romance. It is a YA/NA Suspense story, loosely based on an actual event I'd heard about. So, I took the 'event' and of course, fictionalized a lot of it and fell in love with the characters. The thing I love best is the strength of the character in dealing with such adversity.

AJ & Storm: What is it you love most about writing?
I love creating new characters, molding them, designing their psyche and personality, and giving them a voice. If I've done my job, then the plot flows seamlessly because these characters, their actions and reactions are instinctual for me.

AJ & Storm: What made you choose your genre?
This particular genre is new for me. Typically, all my fiction is doused in romance. I wanted to write something different this time. No romance, but still, a good and compelling story of dark suspense and intrigue.

AJ & Storm: Tell us about your editor and proofreader. What's your top tip for finding someone good?
My top tip for editing/proofreading is to do it in phases. My first line of editing is my Beta readers. They are the ones that give me a heads up if there's a flawed plot or timeline. Or, if a scene just doesn't work for them. Then there's the formal edit, and what I've found is that it also helps to have one final proofreader post editing. My formatter who has been a godsend for that. He is my last line of defense in the editing process!

AJ & Storm: Give us a tip about finding reviewers!
This is probably one of the most frustrating parts of the process!  Getting reviews on your books is crucial because in social media, it is the WORD of MOUTH an author needs. So, I start with my street team. They receive ARC's of every one of my books, and post their reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Secondly, I have some very loyal and supportive blogger friends, who also receive ARC's and post reviews, and participate in blitzes and tours. And then, I've met so many great readers and reviewers at book signings. I often provide them with a signed paperback in exchange for a review, and they have been so responsive.  I also do e-book giveaways once the book is published to get reviews as well.

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