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Review One Night in Vegas Anthology

One Night in Vegas (The One Night Series Book 1)One Night in Vegas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was curious about this anthology because it’s a good chance to see what mainstream US erotica is like. ARC sent for honest. review.

Winner Takes All by Mari Carr
A cute story about a couple who end up sharing a room - and their BDSM fantasy. Friendly and fun. Nicely written. Classic story line. I’ll recommend this author to friends.

Stud Poker by Red Phoenix
A fun concept about a poker ‘truth and dare’ game between a Dom and a chance-met woman. I have read Phoenix stories before and really liked them but this was a bust for me. Shey was fun but at the very beginning, when the man with the ginger kitten asks Master Anderson what he does for a living, and he blows off the polite conversation with nasty crack, he came across as an arrogant arse. I went off him, and that was that for me.

Wild Card by Angel Payne
A wedding party and a Scots bloke in a kilt... Slickly written and there’s nothing wrong with it but I didn’t connect with the characters. I suspect it was too American for my taste.

Hard Hand by Sierra Cartwright
A Sub meets a Dom she’s fascinated by at a masquerade, so she feels she can approach him. A classic story-line of the sub who can’t express her needs. I thought the Dom was a bit odd, because he seemed afraid of expressing his needs too, but it was a well told story. I’ll look into more Sierra Cartwright stories.

Sin City Submission by Jenna Jacob
This is the one story in the anthology that I would read again. Basically a Dom and Sub think they’re in a rut and try to shake things up. I loved the way they worked together, their relationship felt real, and it was interesting. I’ll definitely read more Jenna Jacob!

No Lucky Number by Victoria Blue
A sweet ménage story. Classic story line, nicely written. It reminded me of the Tymber Dalton stories. I’ll recommend this author to friends.

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