Friday, 15 January 2016

The Gift - now on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited!

The Gift: An Erotic Romance In Kiev
By Storm Chase
Now on Kindle!

When Tony rescues three of Kiev's most notorious Mafiosi, he is showered with gifts, including Max, a Goth beauty with purple hair. At first determined to send her home, Tony quickly discovers they share a passion for clubbing and Scotch as well as a mutual horror of relationships. Is this a match made in heaven, or destined for disaster? A lighthearted romance with fully depicted love scenes.

“You’ve got no wife, no girlfriend but many women,” Vasyl rumbled.
Tony shrugged. “Sure.” Uneasily he wondered if Vasyl wanted to take him clubbing. He hoped not. Going out on the town with Vasyl was certain to be a bore.
“It gave me an idea.” Vasyl strode to the door and opened it.
One of Vasyl’s bodyguards pushed a girl into the room. Her long black trench coat looked incongruous against her purple hair and dog collar. She was carrying a guitar case and two large suitcases.
Oh Christ! Tony thought in horror. Surely not!
“She’s yours,” Vasyl said happily. When he snapped his fingers, the girl took off her coat hastily. She was wearing a black lace dress over a purple shift, violet tights and tall chunky shoes. She had a lovely slim body but it was shaking with fear.
Tony shut his eyes for a moment, but when he opened them again, she was still there. This wasn’t a bad dream then. Even so, Tony felt like he’d fallen down the rabbit hole. Except that Wonderland was turning into Horrorland.
“I picked her because she’s from your country, but if you prefer a blonde...,” Vasyl offered expansively.
Tony made a swift decision, “She’s perfect.”

The girl looked over at him. Suddenly she smiled and gave him a surreptitious wink. Tony was startled by the change in her. The fear fled, revealing a lovely heart shaped face with huge violet eyes and a mischievous expression.
“She’s yours to keep,” Vasyl rumbled. “If you get bored, tell me and I will swap her.” He leaned in closer and rumbled, “And if you kill her accidentally, call me. I can fix it.”
“How very kind,” Tony said politely. “I don’t think that will be a problem.”
The girl was looking at him now with a wide grin. But when Vasyl cast a glance at her, the smile faded and she swallowed nervously. Tony felt a stab of pity for her.
Vasyl stood up, ready to go. “We are brothers now,” he said sentimentally. “My private contact.” He pressed a card into Tony’s hand. “We should have a drink soon.”
“Sure, your brother has an office in the same building as mine. Maybe we can all meet.”
Vasyl looked stunned and then laughed. “You’ve been checking up on us too?”
“I like to know who I’m dealing with.”
Vasyl gave him a punch on the arm that was certain to leave a bruise. “We’ll be good friends,” he said. “By the way, my people will be around to keep an eye on things. So don’t worry about being followed.”
Tony lifted an eyebrow. “Oh?”
“Just for a few days,” Vasyl rumbled. “Not everyone thinks you’re a hero.”
Vasyl laughed. “I do love that English sense of humour!”

As he walked past the girl, Vasyl mumbled something. When she sagged at the knees, Vasyl laughed and exited. As the door closed behind him, the girl exhaled. She looked like she was about to faint
Now she’ll have hysterics, Tony thought with a sigh. He’d better call the ambassador to say he couldn’t make it.
The girl took a deep breath. “Thanks ever so much,” she said. “Wasn’t that awful?” She had a light lilting accent that he couldn’t place.
To Tony’s utter astonishment, she giggled. “For a moment I was petrified,” she announced. “But when I saw you looking at Vasyl like he was some sort of exotic bug, I knew you were alright. He’s a real horror, isn’t he?”
“Quite.” Tony could see that despite her insouciance, her knees were trembling. “Come and have a whisky,” he said gently.
She sank into the sofa with a sigh and caught sight of the bottle standing on the table. “Laphroaig!” she exclaimed. “And the Quarter Cask Single Malt too!”
“You like whisky?” Tony asked. Instead of offering her a small nip for shock, he poured her a double.
“Love it,” she said simply. “I spent half of my life in Islay, so Laphroaig is like mother’s milk to me.” She sniffed it appreciatively. “Water of life,” she announced.
Tony stared at her. The sweet educated voice didn’t go with the looks.
“I should introduce myself,” she said apologetically. “I’m Max.”

Storm Chase is now on Kindle Unlimited!  

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