Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Guest post by Yuwanda Black "Why/How Facebook Works to Sell Books"

Guest post by Yuwanda Black

Romance Writers: Why/How Facebook Works to Sell Books

I’m working on my 35th romance novella. As a romance author, some of the most successful book marketing I’ve done has been on Facebook. On average, I release a new title every 10 to 20 days. When I do, I boost a post featuring that book for 7 days. When that ad runs out, I’ll either renew it (based on effectiveness), or write a new post and boost it. OR, I’ll go back and select one of my most effective ads and boost it again. The key is to always have an ad running.

How I Found Out How Effective Facebook Advertising Can Be
When I release a new book, I hire a few giggers on Fiverr to do some social media and other online marketing. Consistently, the ones who provide the best results are those who promote it on their FB pages devoted to romance readers.

Why Facebook Marketing Works So Well for Romance Authors: My Opinion
The first part is, romance readers are some of the most prolific readers on the planet. Proof?
6% of buyers purchase romance books more than once a week; 15% do so at least once a week; 25% of buyers read romance more than once a week, and nearly half do so at least once a week.~Source: LITERARY LIAISONS: WHO’S READING ROMANCE BOOKS?

The second part is that a lot of readers are finding new books via online sources, as cited in the linked-to article just above. And when you consider how many people are on Facebook (1.49 billion monthly active users as of  July 2015), it’s inevitable that they’ll run across an ad for romance – especially if they’ve Liked a page of a romance publisher, author, article, etc.

So give Facebook a shot if you write romance and are not already there. It’s some of the easiest, cheapest and most effective book marketing I’ve done.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black’s latest release is "Destined for Thee: A Multicultural Romance." She likes to run marathons; the training keeps her sane. Learn more about her at, her indie publishing company.

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