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Review and Interview: Last Second Chance (Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, #2) by Kristi Cramer

Last Second Chance (Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, #2) by Kristi Cramer

Reach for a Better Future
Tim Reardon made a real mess of his life, and spent the last five years paying for it in a federal penitentiary. Thanks to his sister, he has a chance to work on a ranch in a small town where no one knows his history and he can start over. Even his heart likes his prospects in Syracuse, Kansas.

Release the Past
All Janie Thomas ever wanted was to live a simple life as a veterinarian, taking care of her daughter and the pets and livestock in Syracuse. She had enough drama after giving birth at seventeen. Kylie's father, Cody Buford, couldn't be bothered with a kid and ran off to the big city, leaving her to raise their child alone. Janie hasn't risked her heart since.

Brace for a Reckoning
Now Cody is back, asking for Janie's forgiveness, but is she ready to give it? On top of that, the brooding, sexy new ranch hand out at the Lazy J is bringing up emotions she thought she had put to rest long ago. Tim thinks he might just be able to leave his past behind him and put his life together. There's just one problem. His past is hell-bent on finding him.

Last Second Chance is Book 2 of The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, a series of standalone novels featuring characters connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas.

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This story is a standalone complete novel. You can read the blurb to see what it's about. I'd say that if you like The Mitford Chronicles by Jan Karon, you'll like Kristi Cramer. Syracuse is a small community, most of the people are good folks, trying to live good lives and the baddies blast in and out, moving the plot along but this is essentially a story of real human love. Nicely written, beautifully edited.

Author Interview with Kristi Cramer 

When did you start writing? 
I don't really remember not writing, but it was probably somewhere around the 5th grade. I know I completed my first "book" in the 6th grade. I'm not sure how long it was, but it had a beginning, a middle and an end. It was probably around 40k words—all written by hand back then. Complete rubbish, but hey, I was 12.

Why do you write?
I originally wrote for two reasons. First, I didn't know how to express myself verbally, so I had all this stuff in my head that I couldn't get out otherwise. I still have a LOT of angst-ridden poetry from my teens. The other reason is I have a vivid imagination. I would see or read something that would spark it, and off I'd go, flying into other worlds, other characters, other lives. I've learned how to express myself since then, but I still get those stories in my head that insist on getting out on paper. Thankfully I have the support of my husband now, and 30-odd years of learning the craft to back up all those stories as they take form on paper.

Your setting is cowboy country: are you a country girl? 
Yes, yes I am. I've always resided in the suburbs, but growing up I sought out the solitary places, really felt alive in country settings. My father and his folks were horse people. Grandpa was a mounted policeman, and Grandma owned a riding stable in St. Louis before I was born. Mom & Dad met there. They instilled their love of horses in me. We would also go on these great three-week-long camping trips every year, all seven kids, Mom, Dad & Grandma. It was crazy-fun.

What do you love best about this book? 
I love how Tim works so hard at his new start on life. He's an ex-con, but he isn't his crime. He messed up, and he's moving forward as best he can. I've known a few folks who have done time, and it's hard to get back on your feet when society doesn't trust you not to mess up, and treats you like a second-class citizen. I love that Mitzi and Blue are willing to give Tim that last second chance. Oh, and of course, I love the Nokotas. Learning about them was a big joy in researching this book.

What's your plan for the next book? 
Book 3 is going to be about Janie's daughter Kylie, and Jax, the young ranch hand who has had a crush on her most of their young lives. If you were brave enough to read the first chapter at the end of Last Second Chance, you know they've got some rough times in store—but I can't blame you if you didn't, since I did warn it ends on a heckuva cliffie. 

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