Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sneak Peek! Lexington Black by Savannah Smythe

Rob jumped as he felt sly fingers stroking his thigh under the tablecloth.  For the first time ever, he understood how some women felt at the end of a first date.  That sense of obligation after the man had spent money on good food and superlative wine, the reluctance to go further, and the guilt that followed a refusal.  Having relaxed him with good wine and playful banter, Lex was moving in for the kill.  Half of him was highly aroused by the thought, but the other half resented the hell out of it.

He excused himself and went to the men's cloakroom.  He splashed cold water on his face and held up a hand so he could see the tremor in his fingers. 

He wasn't ready for it, was he?  Whatever it was.  His dick was saying otherwise, though, trapped uncomfortably in the confines of his underwear.  It was only reacting to the aura of the man though.  He oozed sex and power.  Hell, anyone would be turned on by that.
Wouldn't they?

Maybe you're still in the closet.  That silky phrase was destined to stalk him all the way home.  And he had to go home before he did something he would regret.  He was in danger of acting in a totally irrational and hazardous manner.

Lex smiled as he approached.  'What do you say to a cognac?'

'Thank you but I really need to go,' Rob said, trying not to sound too abrupt.

Lex was on his feet in an instant.  'That's a shame.  Do you mind if I walk with you to your car?'

Rob mentally thanked his foresight in borrowing the Audi.  'Sure.'
The night was dark and smelled of incoming rain.  The car was parked under a tree, away from the comforting pool of light radiating from the hotel.

'Ah, one last ditch attempt to get me to buy this car?'  Lex laughed when he saw it.

'I usually drive a Volvo,' Rob admitted.  'It isn't quite as sexy.  That's the only reason.'

'Good, because I was never actually interested in buying the car.'  Without warning, Lex moved in and pressed his lips to Rob's.

Rob barely had time to think.   He was aware of his hitched breath, his body frozen as if in fright.  He began to protest but he was mesmerised by the unexpected softness of the lips on his, the faint abrasion of stubble against his chin, the rearing excitement in his trousers.  He inhaled the aroma of coffee and spiced aftershave, too shocked to do anything but let Lex pin him to the car and tease his tongue into responding to him.  If he hadn't done so, Rob would have collapsed to the ground in a boneless mess.  The kiss was long and languid, their tongues exploring every aspect of their mouths.  As it went on, Rob could his whole being unfurling.  Not just his cock, which was like an iron bar in his trousers but everything.  So many unformed questions about his life had been answered.  The reason why he had never been able to commit to anyone, the reason his marriage disintegrated, the mistrust of the motives of other people, the constant feeling that some part of him was hidden, or buried because he had not wanted to face the truth.

'You've never done that before, have you?'  Lex whispered huskily when he drew away.

Rob shook his head.  His voice had completely deserted him.

'You weren't bad for a novice.'  Lex gently stroked Rob's chin with his thumb.  His smile was tender but his eyes were not.  They were dark with lust. 

What was he supposed to say?  Thanks very much?  All he wanted was for Lex to kiss him again.  And again.

'I have to go,' he said woodenly.  He had to.  He had to think and not do anything rash and stupid. 

Lex reached out and stroked Rob's face with the back of his hand.  'If you change your mind, I'm in the King's Suite.'

'Thank you.  I'm sorry,' Rob said again, and scrambled to open the car door.

Halfway home, he was kicking himself.  Not easy when one was driving.  He hit the steering wheel in frustration, the words "I'm in the King's suit," on a loop spinning round in his brain, like a lariat preparing to capture him and pull him back. 

'Fuck, fuck, fuck,' he muttered.  His cock was harder than ever, reminding him it had been a damned long time since he had last been laid.  It seemed to be holding a one-sided conversation in his head.  "Come on, Rob.  You're single, he's single.  What's the harm?  He's flying back to the States tomorrow.  You never have to see him again.  Chalk this up to a new experience.  If you don't like it, you'll know it isn't for you.  Give me a fucking break, I'm ready to blow here!"

He did a U-turn in the middle of the wide road and headed back towards Deansfield House.

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