Thursday, 4 September 2014

Excerpt from Chocolate: An Erotic Romance in Siberia

Chocolate: An Erotic Romance in Siberia

Star is a top escort with a lucrative sideline in Bondage and Discipline. However, a wrong move lands her in Siberia as the unwilling leading light in a series of extreme S&M films.

Refusing to give in to fear, Star fights back. She ruins productions by laughing at the Master, makes herself pass out at critical moments, and finally drives her captors to present her as a gift to Alexei, a prison officer who is feared throughout the state.

Star quickly discovers Alexei has a penchant kinky sex, and a seemingly unending supply of chocolates he rewards her with.  Star quickly falls in love, unaware that Alexei is hiding a secret even darker than her own past.

Chocolate is a fun fast read with a feisty heroine and a hero with a soft center.

Alexei nodded but he wasn’t really listening. His mind was still at work. It had been a bitch of a day. He was bone tired. He’d have another drink and watch something mindless on TV.
When he stepped out of the shower, Star was sitting on his bed wearing nothing but her collar. She held out a glass of iced vodka and gave him a big wink. “Hello sailor, want to party?”
Alexei smiled as he took in the three chocolates she’d lined up on the bedside table. His eyes widened when he saw the strap and cuffs she’d laid on the bed.
“I’ll make a bet with you,” Star said. “I wager you can’t make me say pax inside of ten strokes.”
“Say what?” Alexei asked absently. He was too busy imagining Star in cuffs.
“Pax, it’s Latin for peace,” she explained kindly. “I’m a refined sort of girl, you know. Speaking Latin when you’re fucking makes it classy.”
She sat back, put her arms behind her, and struck a pose. “Come on, baby,” she cooed theatrically. “You know you want me.”

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