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Jenn Roseton: The Tycoon's Reluctant Bride

TitleThe Tycoon’s Reluctant Bride (BBW Romance - Billionaire Brothers 2)
Series Billionaire Brothers
Author – Jenn Roseton
Genre – Sexy contemporary romance
PublicationDate –  May 6, 2014
Length (Pages/# Words) - 33,000 words
Publisher – Jenn Roseton
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K5UW0PI

Book Blurb/Synopsis
When city tycoon and part-time cowboy Alex Trask proposes to curvy Laura, she thinks he’s crazy. After all, they’ve only met once and haven’t even kissed!
But when he offers to help her company solve its cash flow problems and stave off bankruptcy, what other choice does she have? 
Since he’ll only assist her if she agrees to marry him, Laura becomes a whirlwind bride.  Since one of Alex’s conditions is they have a real marriage, she risks her heart by falling in love with the enigmatic billionaire.
But will she ever discover the real reason Alex proposed?  Could he ever fall in love with a curvy girl like her?


Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.

Six feet of tall and lean met her eyes. His dark hair was cut in a short, flattering style, while his midnight eyes swept over her. Attired in a fancy pin-striped suit with a finely tailored navy shirt and pale blue silk tie, he looked every inch the billionaire.

A faint blush rose to her cheeks. After a long day catering a party, she’d changed into a pair of denim shorts and a lilac cotton shirt that clung to her ample hourglass figure. She was hardly dressed to come face-to-face with one of the city’s most prominent businessmen.

“My secretary forgot to post your check so I thought I’d come by myself,” he said smoothly, holding it out to her. “For the party last week,” he prompted, when she remained silent.
Pull yourself together. Ever since she’d met him several days ago, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. And now he was here, standing right in front of her.

She'd been in the middle of setting up for his event when she'd met him. Wearing her white chef jacket and gray trousers, she certainly hadn't expected to meet one of the city's most eligible bachelors. His secretary had handled all the details up to that point. She'd shyly stammered hello, aware of his fathomless eyes on her. Feeling hot and cold at the same time, she couldn't stop gazing at him, experiencing a tug of attraction to him that she'd never felt with any other man. But why had he focused all his attention on her? Hadn't he met a caterer before, even one with ample curves?

“Thank you.” She took the check from him, careful not to brush her fingers against his. Glancing at the amount, she noticed it was for the full sum. Relief swept through her. Now she’d be able to pay her employees. For the next month.

“Something wrong?” He studied the expression on her face.

Laura shook her head, summoning up a smile. “No. Everything’s fine.” She drew in a deep breath, raising her gaze to meet his. His straight nose, five o’clock shadow and the sharp planes of his face added up to one seriously good-looking man.

Jenn Roseton believes that romance and happy endings go together. When she’s not writing, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate. 
Although she’s spent time in Wyoming, unfortunately she didn’t meet a sexy cowboy of her own.


Twitter – @JennRoseton

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