Saturday, 19 July 2014

Excerpt: The Beginning of The End by Mindy Larson

An excerpt from Mindy Larson's Pre-Earth prequel, The Beginning of The End and its currently FREE!

As the nearly violent wind rakes through my hair, I can't help but turn back with wonder. The ghost of the SUV remains back at the light. I can't see them, but they've left behind not only their imprints of mistakes and terrible choices but a couple of their friends. When I whip back around, the road curves abruptly, forcing me to take the turn too fast. Even for me, it's much too fast. Gravity takes over and my bike leans. I try to pull it up but I can't barely budge it. The gravel is coming close. Too close. Closing my eyes, I wait. Em's face is all I see. Her pretty face. The way her liquid eyes meet mine. I hear her laugh. Her big joyfully laugh. Holding my breath, I wait to meet my fate and feel the impeding burn. My skin feels hot. Tingly. Gravel is spitting up allover and I can't see.
The road blurs more and more. It's fast. It's slow. And both at the same time. My stomach clenches. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before. There's no denying it, I am a dead man.
But wait.
I am not going to die.
I am already dead.

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