Saturday, 4 January 2014

Charlotte and Byron Erotica Romances - and a Special Offer

I've started writing a series of short, stand alone erotica romance tales featuring Charlotte and Byron.  I'm also running a special offer: if you buy and review The Maid at Amazon or Smashwords, you get The Knight for free.  Just email me at and tell me where you reviewed it.

The Maid In The Cupboard
A Charlotte and Byron Erotica Romance, Book 1.

When Master Byron makes a pass at Charlotte the housemaid, and some unexpected visitors turn up, the cupboard beckons. A sweet erotica romance short story.

Lady Charlotte, the only daughter of Henry de Maine, Count of Summerville, is a law onto herself.Unlike the other gently bred maidens of Plantagenet England, Lady Charlotte does exactly what she wants, when she wants. She also has a reputation for rejecting suitors. However, when Lady Charlotte meets Sir Byron, the gallant knight just returned from the Crusades, she may have met her match…

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