Thursday, 14 November 2013

Renee’ Novelle: 5 Things I’ve Learned Since Self-Publishing

Please welcome Renee’ Novelle, author of Reflections who shares lessons she's learned on her publishing journey...

Writers as fortunate to have many choices in publishing these days. The options are virtually endless and they continue to evolve each day. I tried my hand at indie-publishing online – for multiple reasons, but mostly because I wanted direct, instant feedback from readers on my concepts and writing styles. Yes, I’m impatient that way. And while it’s been an extremely gratifying process, here’s a few things I’ve learned that maybe someone else could benefit from.

Indie publishing is hard! Most people assume that indie writers go this route because it’s the easy way out. Not true! While it’s extremely rewarding to get instant feedback, it’s a time-consuming, often grueling practice to prepare and market your work all by yourself.

Other authors don’t make good judges. They can give you pointers, encouragement, support, and provide camaraderie in an otherwise solo journey. But don’t ask them for an unbiased opinion of your work. They can give you an honest one, yes. But they will almost always be biased by their own egos and insecurities.

Don’t read your reviews! Not right away. Wait a little while, and see what the majority of readers are saying. Then take it into consideration for your next story. But if you read every single review as it comes in, it begins to take your focus off what really matters – which is your craft.

Always have your next project in the pipeline. No one wants to hear you talking about the same book every day for a year. And neither do you. Get the next one going and talk about your progress. It will get readers excited for when it finally releases.

Be genuine. Be true to your own unique writing voice. No one likes to read a copy of someone else. It’s the new and interesting ways of telling a story that really stand out to readers, so be that one in a million person you already are.

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