Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rafflecopter for Murder in Moscow

Did you love Chelsea and Vlad in Wildcat in Moscow? Check out the next story in the series! Murder in Moscow: a thrilling tale of passion, romance, intrigue, betrayal and murder.

Burned out ex-undercover detective Cassidy Stone leaves London for a new life in Moscow, but her past continues to haunt her. Life begins to look up when a favour for the embassy leads her into a lethal ambush, and into the orbit of Dmitri Milyukov, a fun loving millionaire who shares her passion for extreme sports. Cassidy slowly learns to love again – until she stumbles on proof that Dmitri is at the center of a carefully plotted Red Mafia corporate espionage operation aimed at her employer. Worse, there is a gruesome murder in her office, and everyone is convinced Cassidy is the killer… 

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  1. Hi Storm

    Just thought I would give you this review that I put on Goodreads Feel free to copy and paste it as you like! Lady Jaguar

    This is a really fun read, very well researched with sparky dialogue and and colourful characters. The story line veers between fantasy and reality, but that is the fun part, never really knowing what is going to happen next.

    At first I didn't like Cassidy. She seemed a bit of a hard-ass and not very sympathetic, but as you get to know her story, you realise that underneath the tough exterior is a vulnerable woman. When she gets framed for an icky murder in her office, she has to pull all her resources together to find the real culprit, and it comes as a shock both for her and the reader.

    Oh, and this is proof that erotica writers can go mainstream, and add that delicious spice so lacking in some conventional stories.

  2. Thanks! Really appreciate this! Sorry for the slow reply. Was hit with massive deadlines :-)


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