Monday, 23 December 2013

Marat M'saev Daan: Writing about love and relationships

Today's guest post is by Marat M'saev Daan author of Moonchild's Smile

Love, one of the oldest "things" in this world. I know that love isn't a thing but an emotion, it is just, are we always treating it as one or it really has become just a thing?

A lot of writers have tried to approach this topic from many different angles. Have you liked their words? Were they appealing to you in any way? Have you learned anything from it? If they were talking about mistakes that were made, have you learned them or just repeated them in your lives? There are a lot of questions that can be asked about love. Here, I want to talk about writing about it.

I have red about a lot of love stories, good and bad as well. Most of the time it felt like those words were forced out by the writers. I am not sure what they had in mind but I didn’t like it. Characters were a bit plastic. Sure, there were emotions, but that wasn’t convincing enough. I was thinking a lot about this and how to avoid commonly made mistake. Finally it has reached my thoughts. I said to me “Hey, put yourself in character’s position.” So I was imagining how it would be to go trough a terrible drama breaking of the relationship. Even in my imagination it hurts like hell. Then I said to me “Ok, now you know how it feels. Write about it!”

I believe that we have to feel that emotion if we want our readers to feel it too. In my last book I was writing about love and relationships while having mine as an example. Like for everything else in life, love as well has both sides of the same coin. We should not limit ourselves just on one side.

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