Monday, 2 September 2013

If Lost Weekend Is So Great, Why Aren't I Selling More?

A total stranger last week said that Lost Weekend was, "What a wonderful erotic love story with lots of twists and turns that I didn't see coming .... Couldn't put the book down ...." and another said, "This is a hot little story that packs a big punch. If you want to try erotica, but are slightly intimidated by the choice, this is a great starting place."

As a matter of fact, Lost Weekend is rated a 4 over 11 reviews on Goodreads too - and I'm including "Arnellie Abella" a hollow reviewer with 0 friends who appeared for a flash, rated a bunch of erotica romance stories with a 1 star and then vanished.

So why aren't I selling more?  Is it because it has the phrase "erotic romance" in the title?  Or aren't I getting out there enough?

I suspect it's the latter more than anything else so I'm talking to publicists to see if I can raise my profile.  And I'm looking for blog tours in September.  Let me know if you have a space to offer me!

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