Sunday, 15 September 2013

Broken Heroines and Heroes: The Stuff Of Romance or Disaster?

I enjoyed writing all my stories but Chocolate: An Erotic Romance in Siberia was a real challenge because it's pretty much outside the scope of standard stories.

Most authors craft their books so that the reader can immerse herself into the tale.  This means identifying with the heroine and falling in love with the hero.  In Chocolate, that's probably a bit of a leap for most people.

Star, my heroine, is a victim of childhood abuse who has embraced a career as a call girl.  Alexei, my hero, is totally switched off emotionally.  He's not nasty; he's just not very human. The two are very unlikely to elicit immediate sympathy or inspire any sort of empathy - and that's what made it such fun to write.

What I love about Star is that despite everything,
she has maintained a sense of humour, as well as a capacity for love.
What I love about Alexei is that he is such a challenge. He rescues Star from a very nasty situation simply because he sees her as a project where he can fix her up, enjoy her professional services for a few months, and then move on.  He's certainly not a nice guy; but that's what makes him interesting.

At the start of the story, both Star and Alexei see their relationship as one based on commerce. Of course, it doesn't work that way.  Along the way, these two broken people heal each other, develop a strong mutual bond of trust, and finally fall in love. And that's romance, right?

PS To learn about Alexei's deep secret, and to find out why these two learn to trust each other, you'll have to read the story!

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