Saturday, 3 August 2013

Should You Opt For Traditional Covers For eBooks?

When I set up my publishing plan, I thought long and hard about covers. For romance, and romance erotica, it's traditional to have a man who has lost his shirt, and a sexy looking girl who is about to lose her top. Problem is, I don't like those covers. I think they're tacky, tawdry and everything nasty that starts with a T.

So the question was: should I go for industry standard or not?

I looked at the online shops and discovered that all the ebooks look the same. That decided it. I made my own design.

I've been earning my living by writing for 16 years but cover design is new to me. I struggled and threw away umpteen designs before hitting on a look that I liked. My covers have lots of white space. This goes totally against the trend but I'm hoping it makes them visible and (really hoping here!) iconic. What do you think?

Storm Chase romance and romance erotica are available here, in Kindle, Mobi and other platforms, and for Paypal, Visa etc.

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