Sunday, 25 August 2013

Guest Post: Bella Harte 5 Minute Marketing for Authors

Bella Harte is author of The Seraphoenix Saga.  Here she talks about must-know PR....

While this subject is as broad as it is long, this is my personal take on the matter in less than 5 minutes, and what may seem obvious to some, others may have inadvertently overlooked.

In my humble opinion - most importantly you need to arm yourself with the following basics:
However using so many will eat away at your time, which is precious enough.  So stick with a few and update, update, update. Interact as much as you can, by following, friending, commenting, liking, tweeting and offer to host authors on your blog. If you promote them, the chances are they will promote you. 
Be open to guest posting too, this is another way to garner a wider readership. 

Two rules not to forget:  Be interested in others, if you’re not interested in them, how can they be interested in you. Secondly always say, thank you.

Online Book Blog Tours are another great way to promote your novel/s. There are many choices available; I actually work with Lady Amber’s Tours to promote many different authors and genres with Blog Tours, Book Blitz’s, Day Release Blitz’s and Give-Aways.  When there is a potential team of over 200 bloggers working for you all over the world, this equals great publicity. 

Offer ARC’s, Advance Reading Copies of your novel to Bloggers, not only do you get feedback prior to general release, you also get featured reviews. 

Another idea, when Tweeting use a hashtag that’s associated with your novel. For example I use #YAPNR #YALIT & #ASMSG these denote: Young Adult Paranormal Romance – Young Adult Literature – Authors Social Media Support Group.  Plus you’re more likely to get retweets if you’re more targeted with your approach to tweeting. Try not to ‘spam tweet’ no-one wants being bombarded with an endless sales pitch of ‘buy my novel’  - be a little more engaging in your approach. Build rapport, not a wall.

There are so many other ways to target your audience, but sadly my word count is up. (Actually I think I blew it! Many apologies  )

If you have any questions or would like to tell me that you already knew this and wanted something else, please leave a comment.

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  1. Many thanks to my fabulous host today ~ Storm Chase ~ I hope to be featuring her novels on my blog very soon! ♥ Bella ♥


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