Monday, 12 August 2013

Coming Out Of The Closet

You may have guessed that Storm Chase isn't my real name. When I started writing romance erotica last year, I picked a pen name for several reasons.

First, I write for newspapers and magazines for a living and I wanted a separate personality for my fiction.  The reason I didn't want to capitalise on that is because I live in Malaysia, a Muslim country. Although I'm not Muslim, I didn't want to attract too much attention to the fact that I also write erotica. People here can be very weird about that.

When I was accidentally outed by a magazine a few months ago, I waited to see what would happen. Nothing spectacular happened, except that people began writing to the real me rather than to Storm Chase. This is a relief!

I also discovered it's pretty difficult to interact on Facebook as a Page because I can't befriend fellow authors, only fellow author Pages.  So to consolidate my fiction writing, I've decided to close down my Storm Chase facebook page and to move everything to my real profile.

So here it is: my name is Ellen Whyte, and I write romance erotica, contemporary romance with a hint of crime, as well as cat stories and word histories. If you want to come and hang out on Facebook, you'll find me here.

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