Monday, 22 July 2013

Guest Blogger: C.N. Faust "What Keeps The WHeels Turning"

Does anyone remember Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?  If not, go rent it. Right now. I will wait.

There, now that you have caught up to at least the early nineties, do you remember that scene where Alan Rickman says he is going to cut out that guy's heart with a spoon, because it is dull and it will hurt more? That's exactly how I feel when dealing with the publishing world.  

In a world where I feel one bad review could be my ultimate downfall, what inspires me to keep going? The answer is usually "peace and quiet". Any author knows what it is like to try and write their next bestseller in a dark room crowded with characters who are bickering about who took the last orange soda. (What? You mean your  characters are not that petty? Well good for you.)  

Other than the desire for peace, my greatest inspiration comes from the people who have read my books. I will never forget the first time I finished the memorable kiss scene between my two main characters. My friend, who had been the first to read it, all but threw the manuscript and was near tears because they did not end up together. That is the kind of reaction that keeps me going. I thrive on emotional drama, and the more astonished / angry reactions I receive, the more I am inspired to go through with a project. 

Many authors will say they just write "for them", and to a degree I believe that is true. You may write "for you", but face it. You live for that reaction. 

C.N. Faust is an author of lgbt fantasy-horror by day and the co-publisher of Orcs and Aliens magazine by night

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