Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Indie Author, Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation are a pain to get right, especially if you're working without a raft of editors.  So to save my pal Julie who does my proofreading for me some extra work, I've been reading grammar books again.

It's always the quoted speech that gets me.  Maybe you're good at it, but can you tell straight off which is correct?
“Did you enjoy the party?” She asked.
“Did you enjoy the party?” she asked. 
And which one of these is correct?

"My brother," she said, "Is a student."


"My brother," she said, "is a student."

In both cases it's the second alternative.  Before reading my textbooks I would have put the first properly and the second incorrectly.  Now I have to reread all my books and see if I've made errors.


I'm also noticing these same mistakes in ebooks that I love - including some published by big names like Random House!  I'm glad because it means nobody's perfect.

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