Saturday, 1 June 2013

Book Ratings - A Micro Study

After 6 months of writing Storm Chase erotica romance, the books are beginning to move so I'm super excited.  Looking at what works and what doesn't I've conducted 10 email discussions with readers and have found some interesting feedback about ratings.

When readers see less than 10 ratings it's as good as no ratings because readers assume they are put up by friends and family.  They all like to see a book with several dozen ratings which they perceive as "honest ratings". Interestingly, 3 stars and up is all they look for.

I also asked how often they go back and rate a book, and got the answers "never" and "almost never". However, they all admitted that on the rare occasion they do rate a book, they are more likely to rate one that is famous, and they are more likely to trash a book than praise it.

So there you go! I'm thinking that if I want my books to sell, I'm going to have to beg for ratings.  And cross fingers they mark them as 3 stars and up!

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