Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Perils of E-publishing

So a few years ago a start-up ebook publisher in the UK wrote to me to ask if I'd like to work with them. I was curious about epublishing so I said yes, and gave them a romance novel (not a Storm Chase, another pen name).

It was a disaster.  They sold about 6 books.

So last year in August 2012, I wrote to remind them that our contract called for a month's notice either way to quit, and said we'd better call it quits.  No response.  I wrote again, and again, and finally wrote to in December 2012 to say that Ink-slinger appeared to have gone bust, and please remove my copyright material from their site.

Suddenly I got responses.  "Oh very sorry, blah, blah, blah.  We'll remove your book this week." That was Ink-Slinger.  Amazon said, "Right, we'll remove your book too."

Today my book is STILL up on Ink-Slinger and!

I have written to them both AGAIN today telling them to remove my books NOW.  Does anyone know what I can do to stop these buggers selling my work without permission?

If you want a Storm Chase novel, please go to Smashwords, Kobo, BarnesandNoble or other store.

Lost Weekend: An Erotic Romance in Wales
By Storm Chase

When Micah accidentally kills a drug dealer, and Bryony is the only witness, Micah decides to keep an eye on her while he makes plans to leave the country. However, when Micah and Bryony start talking, things don't work out quite as either of them expect. Lost Weekend is a love story with a hint of murder and a heroine who decides she likes it best when she's on top.

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