Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Mule: An Erotic Romance in Colombia is out!

My latest book, The Mule, is out.  It chronicles how Cleo, an exotic dancer from London, who is duped into becoming a drug mule in Colombia, finds her true love.

Although the story is fiction, the characters have a basis in real life.  Connor was inspired by an ex SAS officer I used to know.  Some of the things Connor says come straight from him.  Unlike Connor, my friend wasn't lucky enough to find his Cleo. He was a mess, poor thing, and I really hope that these days we look after our retired military people better.

Cleo is an amalgamation of various club workers I know, although admittedly the character is considerably softened. In real life girls who earn their living by nude dancing and stripping tend to be rather burned out, not sweet and always optimistic like Cleo.  If you prefer a more accurate portrait, see how Star, the rather more tough and cynical heroine in Chocolate, found her true love.

The Mule is available from Smashwords right now and from Kobo and other quality online bookshops from next week.

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  1. Great blog.
    This book looks really great. I'll have to check it out. :)


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