Sunday, 5 May 2013

Guest Post: Jenn Roseton "Can You Get A Decent E-Book Cover for $5?"

Is it possible to get a decent e-book cover for five dollars? If you’ve heard of, then yes, it is possible. is a site similar to Sellers (providers) advertise their services on Fiverr. But the seller only charges five dollars. What is available on Fiverr? Just about anything you could think of: e-book covers, Photoshop retouching, article writing, press releases, social media campaigns - the list is endless.

One of the easiest ways to find a top rated e-book cover designer is to select Graphics & Design from the menu on the right hand side, then click on E-book Covers & Packages. Just above the list of providers you’ll see “Filter gigs by”. 

If you click on Rating you’ll be presented with a list of top rated sellers in that category. You can see how many positive and negative reviews they’ve received, and samples of their work.

However, if you decide to use a seller on Fiverr to design your e-book cover you need to be aware of a couple of things:

1. Read their description very carefully of exactly what they will do. E.g., minor Photoshop editing may not mean changing the color of someone’s hair or clothes. If you want to clarify exactly what the seller can do for five dollars, message them first before you click Order Now. Once you order a gig, you’re expected to pay for it right away.

2. If you’re not providing the seller with your own image for your e-book cover, then make sure you know where they’re getting the image from and that it has a license that includes using it as part of your e-book cover. You don’t want to run into copyright problems down the track.

If the seller is providing the image (and you may have to pay extra) ask them to show you where they obtained it so you can see for yourself that it was obtained legally (e.g. from a stock photo site that the seller has a subscription to). If you want to be sure the image is safe to use, it may be better if you buy it yourself from a stock photo site such as, or and read the license carefully, so you know it’s okay to use it on your e-book cover.

3. Be prepared to be disappointed with the first mock-up you receive. Usually, the seller will say they provide one or two mock-ups. If you dislike the first mock-up they give you, be polite but point out why you don’t like it. Maybe they didn't do everything you asked for or the shade of green you thought would look great doesn't. If the second mock-up still doesn't deliver what you wanted, try to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with it and how it needs to be fixed. A great tip I picked up from is to hire three e-book cover designers at the same time. You’ll be paying a total of $15 instead of $5, but you may have a greater chance of receiving a wonderful cover for your e-book. You can read this very informative article here.

I’ve used Fiverr four times, but ended up making the cover for my latest Kindle book, Hot and Sexy 2: Bridal Jitters myself (although I did use a seller on Fiverr to change the model‘s hair color).

Jenn Roseton is the author of seven short erotic romances available on Kindle, including her new two part series, Hot and Sexy. Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion is available as a free download. You can find out more about her books at or reach her on Twitter at @JennRoseton

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