Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Self Publishing Vs Traditional Print

Hi, I'm Storm and I write erotica.  Yeah, sounds like a confession, doesn't it?  I've been writing erotica since September 2012, so I'm only a few months old, but in my other life I write full-time. 

I write newspaper columns, magazine features, and I've written books with various publishers from big international houses like Pearson and Marshall Cavendish to smaller one-country groups like MPH.

As Storm, I'm going it alone.  I use Smashwords, Amazon and gave up using Lulu.  So when it comes to self publish versus traditional publishing, I look at this issue from both sides.

3 Good Things About Traditional Publishing

1. Editing.  I don't know about you, but I can't spot my own mistakes.  With a good publisher, there are at least two people who check your work for punctuation, grammar, inconsistencies, etc.

2. Know How.  If you're with a good publisher, they'll know exactly what sells and what doesn't and they'll help you tweak your work.

3. Connections.  Even if you live in a country where bookshops will work with independent authors (Malaysia does; Spain won't) publishers will make sure your books is available everywhere.  

3 Good Things About Self Publishing

1. Speed.  You can work at your own pace, and if you happen to be a prolific writer like me, it means fewer delays getting your books out there.

2. You get what you earn.  Traditionally, you do the work, the publisher pays for everything else, and you split 10-15% against 90-85%.  Online you can get 30% to 70%.  Or more if you sell only through your own domain.

3. Sink or swim.  You produce the whole package including branding, marketing etc so you get total control over everything.  If it works, it's great.  If.

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