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AJ Adams, review of The Loft by Elizabeth Lister

The Loft by Elizabeth Lister
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I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review by the BDSM Goodreads group
This was a really nice surprise. I was expecting porn and instead it's a wonderful erotic novella with terrific, rounded characters and a beat-the-monster plot - with an HEA! 

I liked Tate, the young, impetuous hero of the story, James the Dom who is totally sane, experienced and tough, and Sebastian their sweet, sensitive, kind third. They're very human, very attractive, and there are hints of flaws and breaks in their complex relationship that will make a fine novel or two. The writing's good, the pacing excellent, and there's a real sense of time and place.

The only thing I didn't like, and it's really nitpicking, is that visit to the doctor towards the end. I know some readers demand "messages" but all the condom talk and technical information came across as stilted. I'd fiddle with that a little, probably reduce it to a very short paragraph.

But like I said, nitpicking. The Loft is definitely recommended!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

AJ Adams interivew: Drue Hoffman with DRC Promotions

Curious about book promotion but didn't know who to ask?  Check out this interview with Drue Hoffman from DRC Promotions!

AJ Adams: How long have you been running book promos? And what got you into the business?

Hello everyone I’m Drue Hoffman with DRC Promotions.  I’ve been marketing books for authors for over 4 years now.  Prior to that I was a reviewer/blogger.  DRC Promotions provides a variety of author services, including Facebook Advertising, Graphic Design, Book Formatting, Web Design, Blog Tours, Publication Assistance and more.  A dear friend and author persuaded me to give marketing a shot, she was having trouble finding reliable, organized promotions for her books so I gave it a try and the rest, as they say is history.

AJ Adams: What is a blog tour, and what does it do for an author?

A blog tour is the virtual equivalent of a book tour, instead of going physically from bookstore to bookstore though the stops are virtual and go from blog to blog.  I think blog tours provide a lot of exposure for authors and put the book being promoted in front of many eyes.  I do not however believe they have a lot of impact on sales – at least not immediately they are merely one step towards that.

AJ Adams: What is a review tour, and what does it do for an author?

A review tour is much the same as a blog tour with the exception that it includes the option for blogs to receive a free copy of the book being promoted in exchange for an honest review.  Review tours are great for getting your review numbers up on retailers.  Let’s face it the opinion of others matters when it comes to products we purchase and a book is no different, people will be less likely to purchase a book with minimal reviews as opposed to a book with a good number of reviews.

AJ Adams: There are lots of tour operators, how do I pick one that works for me?

I think this is a personal choice.  I think the way the tour operator and author work together on any project ultimately determines the success of the project.  I tend to be more hands on and personal with the authors I work with.  Many I know by their real names, I have actually talked with on the phone or met in person.  We have non book related discussions I know about their family, pets, vacations, etc.  I think this is important to be vested in what you are promoting, after all if you as the promoter do not believe in the works you are promoting how are you to convince strangers to believe in it?

AJ Adams: What kinds of books and authors do you most like to work with?

I work with Indie, Hybrid and traditionally published authors primarily in the Romance Genre but I am not limited to that genre.  I also have a few clients in Suspense, Mystery & Fantasy. I will give nearly any genre consideration when looking at promoting a book, but there are a few I just do not have an audience for, like Teen or YA.

AJ Adams: How is Amazon's new policy of stopping book tours impacting Indie authors and your business?

Right now for me it hasn’t impacted anything much.  My authors have had some reviews disappear but not a significant amount which I am thankful for.  I think we all have to just hang in there during this transition to whatever the heck it is Amazon is trying to accomplish and then move on.  And we must all be vigilant and stay within Amazon’s TOS policies when posting reviews.

AJ Adams: What are your stalker links?

I can be found on facebook anytime

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The Hiring Fair by Laura Strickland

part of The Wild Rose Press' "Help Wanted Series"

by Laura Strickland
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Brutally dispossessed during the Highland Clearances, Tam Sutherland comes to the hiring fair at Oban, Scotland hoping to find a job for the season. But his maimed right hand, inflicted by the same cruel factor responsible for his parents’ deaths, means he’s one of few men available when the beautiful woman makes her surprising announcement: she’s looking not for a hand but a husband, not just for the season but forever.

Annie MacCallum is under threat from a brutal factor also, back at her home farm—one who preys on unmarried women. If she’s to protect all those who rely on her, including her beloved animals, she must have a husband, if only in name. Secretly glad when the attractive Tam takes up her proposition, she doesn’t realize she’s dragging him into a situation that will trigger old demons. Nor does she expect to give him her heart.

In a low tone he asked, “This marriage you ha’ in mind, will it be legal wi’ no banns being read?”

“Father Alban is an old friend of my uncle, and I ha’ spoken to him of this. He will accommodate me.”

“Aye, and what will your uncle think o’ this scheme of yours?”

“Very little, I imagine. He is dead.”

Sutherland contemplated that without comment.

St. Lyon’s church loomed ahead, appearing all at once out of the swirling snow. Annie turned to Jockie.

“You lead Old Rake round back and join us inside where you can get warm, eh?”

Jockie nodded and clattered off.

Annie turned to Sutherland and looked into his face, only to be struck again by how handsome he looked. But that had naught to do with anything, and she could not let it sway her good sense, not when she’d come so far.

“Before we go inside, I want to be sure I ha’ your understanding. This is no’ an ordinary marriage but something more in the manner of a hiring, which is why I came to the fair in the first place.”

He inclined his shaggy head toward her slightly. “A hiring wi’out wages. That is against the law, you do ken.”

She swept him with her gaze. “And are you a man to adhere to arbitrary laws? I confess, I did no’ get that impression.”

“And,” he returned, “are you a woman who needs to hire a husband?” He echoed her. “I confess, I did no’ get that impression.” He returned her stare, slow and attentive. “You are certainly bonnie enough to snare a husband the usual way.”

To her surprise, Annie felt a wave of heat course through her. “I do no’ want a usual kind o’ husband. I want one who will tak’ my orders and stay clear o’ my bed. Be sure you are that man before we go inside and speak these vows.”

One of Sutherland’s eyebrows quirked up. “I was right at the outset; you are mad.”

“So we ha’ already determined,” Annie agreed, beginning to grow edgy again. What if he refused at this late moment? Where would she find a substitute, with the market now deserted and the snow falling? Besides, she discovered she did not want a substitute; for reasons she did not quite understand, she wanted this man and no other.

“There is a story behind this,” he said mildly. “I confess, I would like to hear it.”

“Perhaps you shall, but not now—there is no time.” Annie drew a breath and sought to deny the fear rising inside her, the fear that he might walk away from her after all.

But that curious smile crossed his lips again.

“Are you coming wi’ me?” she pressed.

“It seems a damned clever way to secure the services of a farm worker whilst paying no wages,” he said. “But aye, for all that, I will come along wi’ you.”

Born in Buffalo and raised on the Niagara Frontier, Laura Strickland has been an avid reader and writer since childhood. To her the spunky, tenacious, undefeatable ethnic mix that is Buffalo spells the perfect setting for a little Steampunk, so she created her own Victorian world there. She knows the people of Buffalo are stronger, tougher and smarter than those who haven’t survived the muggy summers and blizzard blasts found on the shores of the mighty Niagara. Tough enough to survive a squad of automatons? Well, just maybe.

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AJ Adams - dark, erotic, twisted romance at its best

Enter into the violent world of the Cartel, Camorra, Belial's MC and Prydain where death and romance go hand in hand. AJ Adams novels are all self-standing and although some feature the same families, you need not read them all - although it would be awesome if you did!

The Bonus
A Zeta cartel romance

Chloe is a seasoned drug courier who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.Facing a lingering and painful death at the hands of the Zetas, Mexico’s most brutal cartel, she persuades their enforcer to claim her. Has Chloe made a huge mistake, or will her choice prove her salvation - and his?

A Zeta cartel novel

When cartel boss Arturo Vazquez discovers his girlfriend Gina is a DEA rat and his deputy Escamilla is staging a take-over, Arturo fixes his problems by killing everyone - except for Solitaire, Escamilla’s unwilling mistress. Solitaire is intelligent, tough, and shares Arturo’s interest in BDSM. Arturo falls head over heels but someone is leaking information - and the evidence point at Solitaire.

Dirty Dealings
A Zeta cartel novel

Quique is having a bad time. Back in Mexico his marriage has fallen apart and his wife has made him a laughing stock by cheating on him. Now he’s in London and finding himself out of his depth with a complex commercial deal. To make things worse, Natalia Truelove, a chef and pub manager, is blackmailing him. Quique is ready to commit murder and he’s pretty sure who his first victim will be.

The Degas Girl

Serenity Bishop is a work of art. Her skin a canvas, decorated with the scars of her evil captor’s twisted abuse. But her tormentor, Angelo, is about to lose control.

Zachary Schiavelli is an art thief and forger. His handsome face is merely the mask that hides a cold, calculating man whose own childhood of abuse has honed him into a remorseless killing machine.

Zachary is about to take an intense disliking to Angelo.

In a violent tale of mob rule where violence begets violence, an unlikely alliance between two forces of nature is about to change the face of organized crime. When Serenity and Zachary collide, it’s an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, and everyone around them is about to get caught in the crossfire.


What do you do when someone sends you a slave?  Give her a gun, of course!

Colonel Rory "Mac" Mackenzie, covert operations expert, is all set for an undercover job when an old friend lands him with Pepper, a human trafficking victim of a Moroccan-Turkish crime syndicate. Unable to turn her away, Mac now has two missions: to infiltrate a terrorist training camp in the Sahara and to become a Master for Pepper.

A Belial MC novel

Fracas Macintyre has been in and out of trouble all her life but this time it’s worse than ever. In debt to a loan shark, she’s caught up in a war between the Alistairs, nicknamed The Irish Mob, and Belial’s Disciples, England’s nastiest MC. Kidnapped and at the mercy of Caden Winslow, Fracas is convinced that life is going to get very nasty indeed.

Caden Winslow is an ex soldier used to taking care of business. When an Alistair henchman steals his beloved Busa, he simply takes one of theirs hostage and expects a simple trade will solve the problem. However, Caden is about to be pulled into a war.

A Prydain novel 

Falsely accused, Wynne is determined to clear her name. However, a trip to petition the Steward at Brighthelme turns disastrous when the Beasts, fearsome warriors from the frozen north, raze the city. When Wynne is carried away, she’s determined to regain her freedom but Rune, her captor, has other ideas.

Beast is set in Prydain, an imaginary place that combines Anglo-Saxon England with Medieval England, the Teutonic Kingdom and the Viking Age. This story contains dubious consent and graphic violence, however, it is a love story rather than a dark romance.

AJ Adams Buy Links 

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Karma Box Set By Samantha Jacobey

✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。
✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫★ *˛ ˚♥ * ✰

˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ *˛˚ KARMA BOX SET BY SAMANTHA JACOBEY ˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 

..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。
✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫★ *˛ ˚♥ * ✰。


legacy.jpe  minion.jperevenge.jpe


The Magical Adventure continues! 

If you liked the Summer, Dark and Forgotten Angels in the first segment of the Summer Spirit Novella Series, you are going LOVE what happens when Karma gets involved. Are they a race of ancient beings, here for the benefit of mankind? Or is a group of marauders poised and ready to strike us down when we least expect it? Charlie must find the truth and his inner strength for any hope of freeing Clarisse and ending the battle… (New Adult) 

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angel set.jpe

No one EVER had a summer romance like this. When Charlie visited another plane parallel to our own, he discovered that Summer Angels and Dark Angels battle over the fate of man. Faced with choices no one should ever have to make, his adventure has been fraught with twists and turns, with life and death hanging in the balance. His guardian, Clarisse, is the half that makes him whole, but sinister forces conspire to do more than simply keep them apart. Find out if they can stand up to the powers that be in this THRILLING MAGICAL ADVENTURE!!! (New adult) 

Summer Angel - A Summer Spirit Novella… What would you do if you discovered Guardian Angels are real? 

Charlie and his parents had planned a fabulous summer vacation; the last one before he heads off to college. Things go mysteriously awry when the young man meets Clarisse; he finds himself separated from his parents and on a different sort of holiday. 

Caught up in a strange adventure with the slender blonde, Charlie learns right away that things are not what they seem. She easily convinces him that her magical powers are real, and introduces him to a world mankind has only dreamt of. Promising to have him reunited with his family soon, the girl takes him on a gallery walk of life, using her abilities to give him a summer vacation he will never forget... and then again, may not even survive. 

Dark Angel - A Summer Spirit Novella… Can your Guardian Angel simply walk away? 

Charlie and his girlfriend met last summer, after his awakening from a near death experience. Their love grew while his body healed, and after a few short months, he had come to believe she was the girl of his dreams. But Donna has a secret; one she had never intended to share with the love of her life. 

While Charlie’s physical being had lain in a hospital, his spirit had traveled to another dimension - her world - where the forces of light and dark collide. When he had returned to the living side of consciousness, Clarisse stole Donna’s body, claiming it and giving herself a second chance at life and love. Of course, people who die are meant to stay dead, and there will be rough times ahead as Keeper, head of the angels, decides how to put things back in order... 

Forgotten Angel - A Summer Spirit Novella… Can love transcend death for a Guardian Angel? 

When Clarisse took her own life, she wanted to spare Charlie’s suffering at the hands of Gous. He watched her die in a most gruesome fashion, and had to learn to live without the girl of his dreams in the physical sense. Instead, he managed to maintain contact with her, and brought new meaning to the term ‘long-distance relationship.’ 

In the weeks following their separation, Charlie returns to his home town. A commanding presence, the temptation to meddle in the lives of those around him becomes overwhelming. as does Clarisse’s desire to interfere with his. Tempers flare, and the girl flees, leaving him at the mercy of Gous and the dark path that lays before him. By a twist of Fate, Charlie’s world spins further out of control, and he sets off to find her on what could be his road to redemption. Will their love survive when he discovers the truth about his abilities? Or will the powers that be finally claim their forgotten angel... 

Magical guardian Angels…. 




Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations anywhere at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.

I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the books that are currently available and hope you will enjoy reading them just as much. And of course, there will be many more stories to come.

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